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  2. Wage and Hour Course

    This wage and hour course was developed for a US-Based healthcare provider. The project focused on a conversion of an existing PowerPoint deck which included…

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  3. Doing the Right Thing

    Doing the Right Thing was created for a US-based restaurant group, and features video vignettes to illustrate workplace interactions in a food service environment. Multiple…

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  4. Digital Records Management Course

    For this project, Vibrant Learning was contracted by a US-based energy company to convert a PowerPoint deck into an eLearning course. The course content focused…

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  5. Software Simulation Training

    For this project Vibrant Learning was tasked with creating an eLearning course that teaches users how to use the company’s time keeping system. Software simulations…

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  9. Health Insurance Training Library

    Vibrant Learning was tasked with creating a small library of eLearning content to recruit and retain health insurance agents.  The library included the following titles:…

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